Upcoming/Available Puppies

When looking for a Golden Retriever, our club highly recommends that you first read "Finding a Golden Retriever" put out by the Golden Retriever Club of America (GRCA).  This booklet details what you should look for in a breeder and  what to look for in your new puppy's parents. this booklet can be found at https://www.grca.org/about-the-breed/


When you are researching litters, please verify what you are told.  Get the puppy's parents AKC registered names and registration numbers and verify their health clearances through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) database located at http://www.offa.org

FOR MORE INFORMATION, please contact any member

Secretary/Treasurer-Christy Swanson parantreekennel@msn.com  or 509-924-8101

Health Clinic Committee Member-Judy Ransom  509-981-2151 or pude903@outlook.com 

Because our club members breed very selectively for quality puppies, we do not often have litters of puppies available.  Please check back each month.

The club is providing these names as a service to the prospective puppy buyer, but this in no way serves as an endorsement.