Available Stud Dogs

When thinking about breeding your dog, our club highly recommends that you first read "Finding A Golden Retriever" published by the Golden Retriever Club of America (GRCA) paying special attention to the section on "Breeding Your Golden Retriever" and the "Code Of Ethics" contained in the appendix.  Much information is available online at https://www.grca.org/about-the-breed/

You should also familiarize yourself with the breed standard for Golden Retrievers also https://www.grca.org/about-the-breed/



To summarize, before breeding, your dog should: 

(1) be at least two years of age 
(2) have a friendly, outgoing temperament 
(3) have no disqualifying breed faults as stated in the breed standard 
(4) have OFA hip and elbow clearances 
(5) have a veterinary ophthalmologist eye clearance 
(6) have a veterinary cardiologist heart clearance 

FOR MORE INFORMATION, please contact any member

Director At Large-Jeanie Swanson ljswnsn@comcast.net or 509-226-0445

 Secretary/Treasurer-Christy Swanson parantreekennel@msn.com  or 509-924-8101

The club is providing these names as a service to the prospective stud service 
purchaser, but this in no way serves as an endorsement.