2018 Golden Gathering At Guisachan celebrating 150 year of Golden Retrievers!

2020 Specialty Show 1

Tweed Edged Bandana

May 22, 2020

Where:  Spokane County Fair and Expo Center Address: 404 N Havana St #1, Spokane, WA 99202

Show Chair 1 & 2:  Johanna Doty

Conformation:  Barbara Pepper

Sweeps:  Ann Greenbank 

Trophies:  make donation to  Friends Of Guisachan to support the fund to stabilize the ruins  & trophies from their gift line   https://friendsofguisachan.org/store/

 DVD's for 1st places both shows


 Show 1:

BOB, BOS-Guisachan Estate Print 

HIT, HTR-Bandana

WD, WB-Bandana

HC, HR-bookmark

BOW, RWD, RWB-bookmark





2020 Show 2

Tweed Eyeglass Case

Show 2

Judge:  Ken Matthews

DVD's all first places

BOB,BOS-Great Goldens print

WD/WB-eyeglass case

BOW, RWD, RWB-Bandana

 & donation to Friends of Guisachan if we use Onofrio ribbons