2019 BOB

2019Sweepstakes Winner

2019 HIT

2019 1st place Rally

2019 ribbons

Trophy Idea-Ribbon Magnets


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2018 Trophies

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IEGRC logo for 1st show- "Flower Power"

2019 Specialty Show

2nd Show logo- "Laugh In"

Inland Empire Golden Retriever Specialty

Where:  Spokane County Fair and Expo Center Address: 404 N Havana St #1, Spokane, WA 99202

May 24, 2019 starts at 8:00 for obedience and goes all day. Two back to back conformation shows, one obedience and rally show!

Come join us and feel free to dress in theme clothing!

Things to do differently

1st places for 1st show, 4 varying prints

We will rent a club grooming space to stage our items

Have Onofrio schedule at least 1/2 hour between the end of our obedience and the start of SKC or, if they cannot do that, stage a 2nd check in table for SKC entrants.

Add Veteran Sweepstakes

Chris asked for shorter ribbons with more streamers for obedience qualifying

Wendy will be in charge of making sure mats are taped completely

Jeanie will make signs for heart & eye clinic stating the times to display on our show day and then wall signs for the day of the clinics.  Jeanie also asked for sharp scissors. 

2019 Specialty Show

BOB & BOS for 2nd show

Theme for Show One- Flower Power  

Judges- Conformation-Anne Bolus, Obedience-Deb Neufeld, Rally-Margaret Chandler, Sweeps-Marjorie Moore (($459 air)

1st Show-BOB, BOS, HIT-Golden Silhouette w/ Flowers (Dani) 

WD, WB, HC, HCR-Dean Russo blanket

BOW, RWD, RWB, HTR-Dean Russo beach towel

1st in ea class-Dean Russo print on wood plaques

BISS, BOSS-Dean Russo pillows

1st-4th in Sweeps class-brightly patterned coin purses w/ money, all participants coin purses


Theme for Second Show-Laugh In

Judge-Conformation-David Bolus

2nd Show -BOB,BOS-lighted Home Depot Goldens

WD, WB,  RWD, RWB-Dean Russo Pillows


1st in ea class-art print books "Lake's Soul" by Debra Martin


Judges gifts-Dean Ruso print bags


Rally Stewards:  Terri DeJong, Carol Sullivan, Jim Lawrence, Ellie?

Obedience Stewards:  Margaret Nielsen, George Guedel, Ellen Ziegler

Conformation:  Julie Matney Wendy McPhillips


1st places for 2nd show

IEGRC Ad in the 2018 GRCA National Specialty