2019 Specialty Show

Inland Empire Golden Retriever Specialty

Spokane Expo and Fairgrounds on Havana.

May 2019 starts at 8:00 for obedience and goes all day. Two back to back conformation shows, one obedience and rally show!

Come join us!

2019 Specialty Show

Theme for Show One- Laugh In

1st Show-BOB, BOS, HIT-Golden Silhouette w/ Flowers (Dani) or sport chairs with embroidered backs (Lyle)

WD, WB, HC, HCR-Dean Russo blanket

BOW, RWD, RWB, HTR-Dean Russo beach towel

1st in ea class-Dean Russo print on wood plaques

1st-4th in Sweeps class-brightly patterned coin purses


Theme for Second Show-Flower Power

2nd Show -BOB,BOS-lighted Home Depot Goldens

WD, WB, BOW, RWD, RWB-Dean Russo Pillows

1st in ea class-art print books "Lake's Soul" by Debra Martin


Need ideas for judges for Breed and Sweeps for Julie to put in SurveyMonkey.  Will need to pick shared judge by August.