Working Certificate Test

Gene Daspit & Corrie New JH

Gene Daspit and Johanna Doty are both exploring the idea of holding a WC/WCX test.  Insurance is one of the factors stopping us.  We may try to work with North Idaho Retriever club to make something happen.  Please consider joining them.

 Clayton Evans could set up an Intro To Field Day on Saturday Novembe 3rd.  More details to follow. 

Certificate Of Conformation Assessment

Christy Swanson & Callie New CCA

Johanna Doty is proposing hosting a CCA event.  She has come up with a proposed panel of evaluators:  Rich Anton, Kim Sheehan, & Jennifer Masterson.  She has estimated that it will cost at least $1500 for judges travel, hotel, etc.  Then we have our ribbon expense on top of that which is required by GRCA.  Most recent posting of a CCA shows an $80 entry fee!

We are looking at a Saturday in March at Spokane Dog Training Club.  As soon as we verify what dates are open, we will start in on the evaluators.  We figure about 15 club members will participate.  15 X $80 = $1200


Spokane Dog Fanciers Fun Matches

Terry at nosework

Obedience and Rally Fun Matches are held in conjunction with our local Sheltie Club and Collie Club on a Sunday in January, February, and March.  The matches are held indoors at Spokane Dog Training Club.  We always need more workers.  Even if obedience is not your sport of choice, please help out for a couple of hours to support your club.


January match-our portion-$187

February (right before show) - $327


We earned almost $700 for our club from these 3 shows so it is well worth our while.  These funds basically pay for our club insurance.


Canine Good Citizen Test

Jeanie Swanson's Rolex during the Long Sit

The IEGRC plans to hold a CGC each March at the end of obedience classes to offer another chance for people to pass their Canine Good Citizen test.  





Lilac City Dog Training Club

1612 E Houston Ave

Spokane, WA 99217


Evaluator: Colleen M. Bailey


4 entries, 1 pass, Thanks to all workers and participants!

All Golden Specialty Show with Obedience and Rally

Beautiful Ribbons!

Please come join us at our All Golden Specialty in May! 


Where:  Spokane County Fair and Expo Center Address: 404 N Havana St #1, Spokane, WA 99202

When: May 25th, 2018

1st Show "Man The Poop Deck"

Judge:  Larry Sinclair (conformation)  Betty Brask (obedience)  Cheryl Pratt (rally) 

BOB, BOS, HIT:  colored wire dog crates.

WD, WB, RWD, RWB, HC, HCR:  colored poop scoops

BOW, Triple Rally: crate pad 

1st in each class:  poop bags with holder

2nd-4th-poop bags

 Stewards: Maxine Bignall & Dani Fraser


Judge:  Kathy McIntyre

BISS, BOSS, BVISS, BVOSS:  Pirate Piggy Bank

1st place each class-Golden coin purse 

2nd-4th:  silk embroidered coin purse

Stewards:  Rally-Jim Lawrence, Ellie O'Dell, Terri DeJong, Carol Sullivan

Obedience-Pat Johnson, Claudette Longoria, Lisa Bays


2nd Show "Pirate's Booty"

Judge:  Hach Hachtel

BOB, BOS, WD, WB:  sport chairs

BOW:  blanket

RWD, RWB:  towel

1st in each class:  water bucket

2nd thru 4th-small bowls

 Steward 2nd Show-Gene Daspit & Maxine Bignall

Hospitality-Mary Cole, 

Judges transportation:  Wendy will bring Kathy McIntyre, Barb Nelson for obedience and rally


 Thanks to all our workers and participants, we made it through another one!


Heart and Eye Clinic

Dr. Sheryl Krohne( & Onyx)

Each Saturday after our Friday Specialty Show, we sponsor a health clinic featuring a Veterinary Ophthmalogist and a Veterinary Cardiologist.  2018 featured Dr Maran from Olympic Veterinary Cardiology and offered online booking at $45 for ascultation and $200 for an echocardiogram:

Dr Maran said 49 dogs were processed in 2018.


Ophthamologist for 2018 was Dr Sheryl Krohne.  Eye exam price was $28.

81 dogs went through the eye clinic, a new record!

Thank you to all our workers and participants!  Both Doctors were thrilled with their responses.  Dr Krohne said the eye clinic was the best attended and most organized.