2022 IEGRC ad in National Specialty catalog

2022 Richland Shows

Outdoor show

We will be holding two independent specialties concurrently with the Richland cluster this year. There will be health clinics available on Saturday.  See Richland for details.

Show 1 Friday Sept 30 - Linda Riedel judging

Show 2 Saturday Oct 1 - Ken Matthews judging 

Spokane Dog Fanciers Fun Matches

Terry at nosework

Obedience and Rally Fun Matches are held in conjunction with our local Sheltie Club and Collie Club on a Sunday in January, February, and March.  The matches are held indoors at Spokane Dog Training Club.  We always need more workers.  Even if obedience is not your sport of choice, please help out for a couple of hours to support your club.


Jan 15

Feb 12




Jan 16-$171

Feb 13-$221.67  subtotal $392.67

Mar 13-153.00.  subtotal $545.67



Jan 17-did not happen

Feb 14-did not happen

Mar 14-did not happen 



JAN 19  earned $173.66

FEB 9    earned $194.84    subtotal $368.50

MAR 1   earned $191.10      TOTAL  $559.60


2019 fun match dates and earnings:

Jan 20, earned 262.03

Feb 10, earned 179.52 (Subtotal 441.55) 

March 10-202.07  Total 643.62!



January match-our portion-$187

February (right before show) - $327 (subtotal $514)

March-$157 (total $671)

We earn enough from these 3 shows to pay our yearly insurance so it is well worth our while.  

Working Certificate Test

Gene Daspit & Corrie New JH

We will be holding a WC/WCX test on Wednesday before the Western Regional in 2022.

Chairman:  Ellen Ziegler (with Gene Daspit & Jeanie Swanson on committee)

Judges:  Jean Grammer and Tom Hartl

Location:  Espanola Training Grounds

Entries will be available on Entry Express  http://www.entryexpress.net/Announcement.aspx

 $80 WC, $85 WCX



GRCA Certificate Of Conformation Assessment-Full!

New CCA qualifier

Johanna, Julie and Wendy have put together a CCA for Thursday prior to Western in 2022.


Evaluators:  Hach Hachtel, Jane Jensen, Judy Bachofner

Location:  Spokane Fair and Expo Center

Entries will be limited to 18


Entry Form:  https://grca.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/CCA-Official-Entry-Form-rev-020117.pdf?fbclid=IwAR2YNCVE97y0xlb423wEDKFoylIyj7bNikI7Qbq4pD

IEGRC would like to coordinate with Evergreen Golden Retreiver Club and Pacific Rim Golden Retriever Club to each hold a CCA every 3 years so that there is a CCA event each year in our area. Johanna and Julie will work on coordinating. 2023 National will be in Pac Rim territory, that leaves Evergreen for 2024.

3-9-19 Morning group of CCA qualifiers

Eye Clinic

Dr. Sheryl Krohne( & Onyx)

Spokane Kennel Club is having an ophthalmologist (Dr Terri Alessio) on Saturday 5-28-22 doing exams for $45.


We will see what happens with clinics for the future.

We added $295 to the treasury with our stand alone event in 2020.

(Not for 2020 or 2021) Each Saturday after our Friday Specialty Show, we sponsor a health clinic featuring a Veterinary Ophthmalogist and a Veterinary Cardiologist.  

81 dogs went through the eye clinic in 2018 for Dr. Sheryl Krohne with an eye exam price of $28, a new record!

Thank you to all our workers and participants!   The Doctor was thrilled with the responses.  Dr Krohne said the 2018 eye clinic was the best attended and most organized.


GRCA National Specialty

2019 Raffle Basket from Simply Northwest

IEGRC always tries to support our breed's National Specialty usually with a catalog ad advertising our upcoming specialty and with a raffle basket showcasing regional foods and wines.  

2018 GRCA National Specialty raffle basket

2019 National Specialty Catalog Ad

2018 National Specialty catalog ad