New Champion

Ch & IntCH Mtn. View's Justice Is Served CGC


IntCH Doubletake's Like A Rock BN RN CGC

New Champion

Ch Windsong's Wild Montana Skies BN CGC

New Champion

CH Hillside Turn The Page

New Champion

Ch Sandpoint's Long And Winding Road CGC CCA

November 2020 Brags

Ralph High In Trial

Jeanie & Ralph High In Trail with a 198.5 score

Jeanie & Cheetos 1st agility run with a perfect score

George and Jamison New Tracking Dog

Ralph, Cheetos, and Venus passed their heart clearance

Dianne's Zoom adds 2 more points with a WB, BOS

Christy's Justice first show weekend, 3 WD, 2 BOW for 5 points total

October 2020 Brags

Wendy & Ivy

Wendy & Ivy-2 RWB & 2 2nds in Open (10 points, both majors)

Julie & Yummy-Select & BOS

Jeanie & Ralph-New Rally Intermediate

Jeanie & Cheetos- New Rally Novice

Dianne & Bonner-3rd major for 4 more points (total 10)


August 2020 Brags


Julie and Blink new IntCH

Christy and Venus new IntCH

Christy and Justice new IntCH

Jeanie and Ralph new IntCH

Jeanie and Cheetos new IntCH


March 2020 Brags

IntCH Justice CGC

Christy and Justice earned their CGC

Jeanie and Ralph earned their TKN, TKI & TKA

Jeanie and Cheetos earned their TKN & TKI

November 2019 Brags

Sierra JH

Ellen & Sierra earned their 1at SH leg, 4th in RI, & Passed the Pet Partners Therapy Dog evaluation

Julie & Wazzu won 2 BOB, 2 Selects

Julie & U-Dub major BOW

Julie & Blink won 4-6 mo Beg Pup

Julie & Tudi won her Sweeps class

Jeanie & Ralph a 1st & 4th in RN

MJ & Music PTN & PTS

Jean Grammer won the Dick Sampson trophy at the National, a dog of her breeding (Summer) finished in the National Master Hunt Test, & her Crush made it thru the 4th series of the National Champion Field Trial. 

October 2019 Brags

Bonner BN CGC

Jeannie's Serenity has a new Utility Dog title

Johanna's Cowboy got a major

Dianne's Bonner and Zoom each got majors and major reserves

Dianne and Zoom also earned her Rally Intermedidate title

Dianne and Bonner earned his Beginning Novice title

September 2019 Brags

IntCH Aurora CGC

Julie's dogs took BISS, WD, RWD, and a JAM at the Evergreen Specialty

Jean Grammer's Crush is a new Field Champion!

Christy's Missy and Aurora earned the International Champion titles, Missy taking three BOB and a Grp 3rd over AKC champions

Christy's Aurora and Venus earned their Canine Good Citizen titles

Christy and Chris F have a new dog, Mtn. View's Justice Is Served

Chris F and Bam earned their Puppy International Champion

Gene and Corrie got their 2nd UDX leg

July 2019 Brags

IntCH Starlett RI CGC CCA

Christy and Jupiter earned their RI

Christy and Starlett earned their RI

June 2019 Brags

Ralph CGC & Cheetos CGC

Jeanie & Serenity got their first UD leg!

Jeanie with Ralph & Cheetos earned their AKC STAR Puppy & their CGC's

Christy with Starlett and Jupiter earned two legs on their RI's, Starlett with a 3rd & 4th

Wendy's Ivy got a 4 pt major at our specialty & back to back major reserves at IEKA

Christy's Venus got her AKC STAR Puppy & 3rd in Sweeps, 4th in Regular at our specialty

April 2019 Brags

Gene with Corrie UD

Gene and Corrie earned their UD (also VCX)

Jean Grammer and Crush took and 1st & 2nd in Open which qualifies Crush for the National Open, he also got an Amateur 4th with Jean

New CCA's:  Gene with Corrie, Jeanie with Rolex & Serenity, Christy with Suri, Starlett, Jupiter, & Lexi, Dianne with Zoom (also CGC), Wendy with Cami & Ivy, Johanna with Dude & Stormy, MJ with Music, Chirs F with Sailor & Chesty, George with Jameson, Ellen with Sierra, Dani with Tyler, Hunk, Fudge, & Canon

March 2019 Brags

Crush 1st Open

Johanna has a new puppy, Cowboy, who is sired by the Westminister Kennel Club breed winner. 

Jean Grammer's Firemark's Orange Crush *** took first place in an Open trial 

Jeanie's puppies, Ralph and Cheetos, will be in a Spokane Civic Theater play titled The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time.

February 2019 Club Brags

New puppy Ralph with mama Serenity

February-Jeanie kept a male puppy from her RogerXSerenity litter named Ralph (green)

Jeanie's granddaughter kept a female puppy and named her Cheetos (orange girl)


January 2019 Club Brags

Canon Best in Specialty

Dani and Theresa's Canon became a Grand Champion and took a Specialty Best Of Breed

December 2018 Club Brags

Renny and baby puppies!

Jeanie's Serenity had 10 puppies, 4 females and 6 males!

Christy & Aurora got their AKC STAR Puppy and went to the Beginner Puppy competition in Wenatchee where they took BOB Golden and 2nd in the Sporting Group

November 2018 Club Brags

New Champion Rocklane's Crimson And Gray with owner, Julie Matney

Julie & Wazzu finished their AKC Ch from the BBE class

George & Jameson earned UCD & URO1, also AKC RN

Dani & Teresa's Canon is now a new Can Ch & has added BOS & SB at Whidbey to her GCh pts. 

MJ & Song have 2 UD legs

Christy's Jupiter and Julie's Ditto have 7 puppies (pup from Ditto's 1st litter at right)

October 2018 Brags

Corrie & Gene earned two Utility A passes! Only one more to go for the title!

October-Gene and Corrie took two 1st places in Utility A,  earning two first legs in Utility, and were High Scoring Golden  twice.

Dani & Theresa's Canon has 18 points toward her Grand Championship.

Christy & Icee passed the heart exam to make Icee a CHIC.

Jeanie and Rolex passed the heart and eye exam and earned two legs toward the FAST CAT title.





September 2018 Brags

Jean Grammer & Crush earn Qualified All Age

September-Jean Grammer and Crush  earned their *** Qualified All-Age Dog

Jeanie & Serenity earned their OA & OAJ & this qualified them for their VCD2

Dani & Theresa's Canon finished her Championship

Julie is ranked #4 Owner Handler for Golden Retrievers

And bittersweet:  Barb Feyh's dog, Dazzle, earned her WCX.   Dazzle now has her CD SH CCA & WCX

June 2018 Brags

Jeanie Swanson & Serenity earn VCD1

August-no brags


July-Christy & Johanna invited everyone to their Stormy/Starlett puppy party at Johanna's house, July 22nd.. There will be BBQ hamburgers.  We can call it our summer picnic!  Great Attendance:  Johanna & Jason, Christy, Mary, Mindy, Dani & Desi, Jeanie & Leah.


June-Jeanie & Serenity earned their NA, NAJ, & VCD1

Christy & Lexi earned their CGC & Lexi passed her eye exam to earn her CHIC

Christy & Jupiter earned their RN with 2-2nds & a 1st, also getting an Achiever Dog certificate

Wendy & Ivy came in 4th in the Open Bitch class at our specialty

Julie & Wazzu took RWB at our specialty

Christy's Starlett & Johanna's Stormy had a litter of 4M & 4F