2021 specialty show in Richland 10-1-21

We will be holding an independent specialty with the Richland Kennel Club shows on Friday morning, October 1, 2021.  This show will be outdoors.

 Show Chair:  Wendy McPhillips

Judge:  Denise Reel

Sweepstakes:  Stacy Davis

BaRay link for entries and prices for our 2021 show with Richland




First Entry of each dog in a Regular or Non-Regular Class, unless otherwise specified 30
Each Additional Entry of the same dog , unless otherwise specified 25
Stud Dog or Brood Bitch as a First Entry or Additional Entry 25
Puppy Sweepstakes (dog must be entered in a regular class) 25
Veteran Sweepstakes (dog need not be entered in another class) 25
Junior Showmanship Only 30
Junior Showmanship as an Additional Class 25

Trophy Donations

BOB, BOS, Best Jr-Julie Matney

WD/WB-Wendy McPhillips

Richland 2021 Prices

First entry of each dog, each day, unless otherwise specified 32
Additional entry of same dog, same day 27
Puppy Classes (6-9 Mos. & 9-12 Mos.), or Bred by Exhibitor Classes, each day 27
Junior Showmanship Only or as an Additional class, each day 5
Sweepstakes (Rhodesian Ridgeback - Friday & Saturday, See Pg. 27 for information) 20
BEGINNER PUPPY – Friday & Saturday: Entry of each dog 15