Pulali’s Calista De Sant Amand TDX CDX GN NAP NJP NFP VCD1

Callie (15) and Gene May 2021

Pulali’s Calista De Sant Amand
June 16, 2006 – July 23, 2021
15 Years, 1 Month
Today, July 23rd we had to send Callie to the Rainbow Bridge. She will forever be my “Tracking Dog”. After beating cancer, she has been in remission since last October and overcoming two surgeries and pancreatitis, old age caught up with her. Arthritis particularly in her rear legs was too much. She has slowly been having problems standing with her rear legs especially the right leg although this morning, she managed to get herself up when I went out to the kitchen. We could tell in her eyes that she was in pain so took her to our vet. There were no reasonable alternatives, so we said our goodbyes and let her go.
Our thanks go to the compassion of All Creatures Veterinary Clinic for giving us all the time we wanted to be with her at the end and to Dr. Sanders for explaining all the alternatives we had.
Our thanks also go to her breeder, Pam Sage and to Scott and Karen Rohrer who whelped her.
She will be sorely missed. Sometimes you receive in unexpected ways. She wasn’t the obedience and agility dog that I hoped for, but she exceled in tracking. She is the only dog I have trained to earn a title at a Golden Retriever Club of America National Specialty when she passed the Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX) test at Chatfield State Park near Denver, CO in 2010. There are not a lot of dogs who earn their TDX. After that, we worked on the very difficult Variable Surface Tracking (VST) test, but she made many friends among the students and faculty at Gonzaga University, including being asked to go to the Dean of Engineering and Applied Sciences office which we did. She was royally welcomed with treats by the Dean and his staff. Earning her VST would have resulted in her being a Champion Tracker but for various reasons, that was not in the cards but in my heart, she is a Champion Tracker.
So long Callie, there will never be another like you in my life. You will always remain with me.

MHR Firemark Serendipity CDX MH NA NAJ NF *** CCA OD / Can***

Seren with a duck

Firemark Serendipity 5/11/2007-7/23/2021
Seren was doing poorly this am and having trouble getting around so the decision was made to end her suffering today. I could not in good conscience, allow her to suffer over the weekend. So RIP sweet Seren, you were 1 in a million and you will forever be in my heart.

Barb Feyh 7-13-15

Zaniri Meant To Dazzle SH Can CD Am CD WCX CCA

Long time club member, Barb Feyh, lost her battle with cancer 7-13-15. She did live long enough to see her dog, Dazzle SH, earn her first Master Hunter pass.